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Report on the Extensive Global Health Financing Gap

Recognising the growing global support for the implementation of different types of financial transaction taxes, Action for Global Health, and Netherlands-based NGO International Civil Society Support, commissioned a research paper 'CTL-for-Health/FTT-with-Health: Resource-needs Estimates and an Assessment of Funding Modalities' to clarify the scale of the financing gap that needs to be filled if the health-related MDGs are to be met and the different mechanisms that could be used to channel new resources for health through to developing countries. The research, conducted by Professor Brook Baker, Board Chair of Health GAP, presents a comprehensive overview of the financing gaps for health in developing countries and aims to provide an objective overview of the key health financing mechanisms that are currently used to channel donor aid for health to developing countries. The research finds that the global health funding gap is over $450 billion 2009-2015, nearly twice the sum estimated by the High Level Task Force on Innovative Financing for Health, which focused on low-income countries only. Although different mechanisms have different strengths and weaknesses, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria performs quite well on several criteria and the World Bank quite poorly in contrast.

Click here to download the report.

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