Join us as we take action to honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy

On Thursday March 19, 2015 Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota introduced legislation to establish a small tax on certain Wall Street transactions that will reduce dangerous financial market speculation and raise hundreds of billions of dollars every year that can be channeled to address pressing social needs—from HIV/AIDS, climate change mitigation, and eradicating hunger around the world, to ensuring health care for all and strengthening the public school system here in America.

The Inclusive Prosperity Act H.R.-1464 reflects the principles and goals the U.S. Robin Hood Tax Campaign—a consortium of 172 organizations, with representation from labor unions, religious groups, health advocates, housing activists, environmentalists, small businesses and others, urging passage of a Wall Street sales tax.

Experts are saying that we have the science we need to end the global AIDS crisis, yet everyone agrees that this will not be possible without a considerable increase in resources. In his 2016 fiscal year budget, the President proposed over $400 million in cuts to spending on the global AIDS response. To put this into perspective, this is less than 0.15 percent of the total estimated yearly revenue that Rep. Ellison’s financial transactions tax would generate

April 4, 2015 marks 47 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered while conducting a national campaign against socio-economic inequality. On April 8, we will honor the legacy of Dr. King by calling on Congressional representatives to take action in the fight against economic inequality by supporting a Robin Hood Tax to advance social justice. Robin Hood Tax Campaign supporters around the country, including Health GAP and the Student Global AIDS Campaign, will hold vigils outside Congressional offices.

To find out about a vigil happening near you, click here or email Michael Tikili at [email protected].


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