Health GAP's 2012 Redux: Help us, help you...

We began 2012 with a bold commitment from President Obama to “create an AIDS free generation”.  This vision for policy was rooted in science and was heralded by advocates.  This new direction towards an AIDS policy deeply rooted in science was strongly advocated by Health GAP.  The campaign to get us there consisted of a series of small, seemingly disparate, actions which enabled us to slowly build key relationships, power in crucial legislative districts and a strong reputation with media and advocacy organizations.  This combination of an “inside and outside” strategy is Health GAP’s formula for success and we are writing to ask you to support our work in 2013.

Here are some of the highlights that Health GAP achieved in 2012:

  • Health GAP spearheaded the We Can End AIDS coalition which organized tens of thousands of people living with AIDS for a massive mobilization in Washington, DC during the International AIDS Conference directly confronting decision makers on their global AIDS response and setting the tone for the conference.
  • Health GAP is leading the U.S. Robin Hood Tax campaign to demand a tiny tax on big banks that could raise enough money to end AIDS.  We launched the campaign with a celebrity filled video.  Within a few months, the campaign successfully advocated for the introduction of bold legislation that could generate up to $350 billion per year to fund our social safety net.  (For more info goto
  • With the recognition that no social justice movement has ever been successful without a strong youth base, our student organization, the Student Global AIDS Campaign launched the Positive Students Network in an effort to intentionally organize HIV+ youth in high school and college campuses across the country.  (For more info, go to
  • Health GAP Uganda worked with to develop a petition targeting Pepsi, one of Uganda’s largest employers, to speak out against the proposed homophobic legislation that calls for the death penalty of LGBTI generating over 100,000 signatures.
  • Thanks in part to the advocacy of Health GAP Kenya and our partners, Kenya has increased the investment in their domestic health budget by 55% and is the only high-prevalence/low-income country to get one person on treatment for every new infection.
  • Health GAP, working with QUEEROCRACY and ACT UP Philadelphia, “exposed” the “naked” truth about the proposed dramatic budget cuts that could result in the death of 62,000 people living with AIDS.  Our work generated an unprecedented amount of media attention.  See

Health GAP is a small organization with almost no overhead.  Your donation is tax exempt and goes directly to support our effective advocacy.  If you can, please donate today and join our movement:  Thank you for your time, consideration and commitment to ending the AIDS pandemic.

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